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SC Club For Growth Launches “Defeat My Liberal Legislator” Effort




A group that rated South Carolina lawmakers as fiscally conservative based in large part on their vote to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of the S.C. State House is now looking to recruit candidates to run against incumbent legislators.

The S.C. Club for Growth – which made fifteen percent of its annual report card dependent on lawmakers’ votes to take down the flag – announced a candidate recruitment website called “Defeat My Liberal Legislator.”

Hmmm …

“We are aggressively recruiting and vetting pro-growth candidates,” the Club’s state director R.J. May III said in a statement.  “We hope this website will help these efforts.”

May specifically said he hoped voters would “use the website to review their legislator’s grades and make recommendations on potential challengers to liberal Republicans and Democrats.”

Interesting …

The organization – an arm of the national Club for Growth – has reportedly pledged to spend $200,000 on efforts to defeat liberal S.C. Senate president Hugh Leatherman.  In fact they’ve recruited a local “Republican” party chairman to run against the diminutive legislative leader.

Will they be able to attract additional candidates?  We shall see …

One thing is clear: If their recruitment effort aims to have an impact, they’d better get going.  Filing for the Palmetto State’s 170 State House and State Senate seats closes on March 30 – and at this point it’s shaping up as yet another election cycle in which the vast majority of lawmakers face no opposition (or only token opposition).

That’s unfortunate …

We’ve grown more than a bit skeptical of the Club for Growth of late … especially given the national organization’s disturbing proximity to the “Republican” establishment and its preferred presidential candidate, Marco Rubio.  And while we supported efforts to take the flag down, we believe the Club’s advocacy on this issue is all about lending a hand to S.C. governor Nikki Haley – who used her belated conversion on the issue to boost her national profile.

Still, if the organization attracts candidates who we believe would better serve taxpayer interests than the incumbents, we will support them.

Our objective is simple: A S.C. General Assembly that is more friendly to free markets and individual liberty.  If we believe a candidate will advance that objective, we will support them.  If we believe a candidate would work against that objective – or has consistently worked against that objective – we will do everything within our power to see them defeated.

No matter which advocacy groups are pulling their strings …