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Socialism Explained Using A Bernie Sanders Yard Sign




We previously explained socialism using the example of Bernie Sanders and Southeastern Conference football (see here for more on that).  But a property owner in Collinsville, Illinois has perhaps the best illustration of the concept we’ve ever seen.

The property owner in question took a Sanders’ yard sign, cut it in half and left behind the following message (ostensibly written by “vandals”).

I took half of your sign because you had one and I didn’t. I’m sure you understand.

Take a look …

(Click to enlarge)

bernie sign

(Pic via Gateway Pundit)

“Socialism: A great idea until it shows up in your front yard,” an accompanying meme noted.

Too funny (the sign/ meme, obviously … not the ideology).

While there are various forms of socialism, a common theme in all of them is collective ownership of property – and state control over the means of production.  Both of those are anathema to the private property rights ostensibly underpinning the free market system.

What is America c. 2016?

Good question … but it seems abundantly clear our country is moving in the wrong direction.