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Bizarre Erectile Dysfunction Bill Filed In SC



S.C. Rep. Mia McLeod – a Democrat who is running for a seat in the State Senate in 2016 – has pre-filed legislation which would require men to undergo sex therapy and produce sworn affidavits from their amorous partners attesting to their erectile dysfunction if they want prescription medication to treat the “condition.”  Not only that, those who are prescribed erectile dysfunction drugs would be required to undergo cardiac stress tests every three months to prove they are healthy enough for sexual activity.

No … really.  This is happening.

The bill is H. 4544, and McLeod submitted it earlier this month – ostensibly as a response to the “Republican” war on Planned Parenthood, which as we’ve pointed out isn’t so much a war as a public relations effort aimed at impressionable pro-lifers.

“Pun aside, she wants to make it hard on them,” a source at the State House told us. “Like they want to make it hard on women.”

Will McLeod’s bill pass?  Hell no …

Why not?

Well …

Anyway, we think McLeod’s bill is hilarious.  And can’t wait for it to be given a public hearing.   Sure it’s a total waste of time, but this is the S.C. General Assembly, people.

All they do is waste time and money …