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Ex-SC Lawmaker Indicted




Former S.C. Rep. Nelson Hardwick has been indicted on one count of misconduct in office, according to S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson‘s office.

(Just as we predicted).

If convicted of this crime, he could face up to a decade behind bars.

“The indictment accuses Hardwick of using his position to lure a House of Representatives employee to his office earlier this year, and to inappropriately touch her against her will,” a release from Wilson’s office stated.

Yikes …

A fiscal liberal, the 63-year-old Hardwick – who is married with three children – served a decade in the S.C. House of Representatives prior to resigning in May.

As we exclusively reported, Hardwick gave up his seat after he was accused of harassing multiple women.  He later attempted to rescind his resignation, but legislative leaders were having none of it.

FITS has identified at least three women who were reportedly on the receiving end of Hardwick’s unsolicited sexual advances – however we are declining to publish their names.

Hardwick’s seat was filled by another left-leaning “Republican” – Russell Fry – in a special election earlier this year.

Prior to his harassment scandal, Hardwick was one of several lawmakers dogged by the “Coastal Kickback,” a brazen pay-to-play scam in which hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash was funneled through a fabricated network of corporations to select politicians in exchange for their support of a local tax hike.

Neither Hardwick nor his “Republican” colleagues who took the dirty money have ever been held accountable for their actions.

Oh well … maybe he will be held accountable for this.