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Nikki Haley’s Approval Ratings Remain Strong




S.C. governor Nikki Haley has transformed herself from a limited government champion to a crony capitalist “Republican,” from a fiscal conservative to a fiscal liberal and from a leader in the fight for transparency to one of the most opaque politicians in America … but Palmetto State voters don’t seem to mind.

Haley is one of the most popular governors in America, according to the latest survey data from Public Policy Polling – a North Carolina-based Democratic firm.

Fifty-six percent of South Carolinians approve of Haley’s job performance, PPP found, compared to only 28 percent who disapprove.  Among “Republicans,” 71 percent approve of Haley’s performance compared to only 18 percent who disapprove – while independents support her by a 53-27 percent spread.

The big number in the poll?  Haley’s unheard of Democratic support.  Forty percent of Democratic voters in the Palmetto State approve of Haley’s job performance compared to 42 percent who disapprove.

“What really sets her apart from other governors across the country is that she’s at almost break even even with Democratic voters,” PPP’s pollsters noted.  “That’s a very unusual amount of cross over support these days.”

Indeed … Haley’s numbers among black voters are even better, with 45 percent approving of her job performance compared to only 30 percent who disapprove.

Hmmmm …

Wonder what caused that …

While Haley’s support remains exceedingly strong, only 25 percent of South Carolina voters want to see her on the “Republican” ticket in 2016 compared to 59 percent who don’t.

Of course that could be – and likely is – attributable to their desire for her to remain in office for the duration of her term.

After a disastrous first year in office that saw her approval ratings crater, Haley has managed to survive – and thrive – despite a spotty record of accomplishment, numerous high-profile scandals and repeated ideological betrayals.

Of course whatever we may think of her as a leader and as a human being (which is “not much” on either count) , it’s abundantly clear at this point that she’s a much better politician than we thought.

To the extent that’s a compliment ..