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Russian Crash: “Heat Flash,” Body Parts And A Chilling Video




There’s no official word yet on what caused a Russian Airbus A321 to break apart in mid-air over the Sinai Peninsula, but it’s looking increasingly like terrorism.

Infrared satellite images reportedly detected a “heat flash” emanating from the plane at the time its signal was lost, while the dispersal and condition of human remains at the crash site strongly suggests a mid-air explosion.

“A large number of body parts may indicate that a powerful explosion took place aboard the plane before it hit the ground,” an Egyptian forensic investigator told Sputnik.

The Kogalymavia (a.k.a. “Metrojet”) plane was traveling from Egypt to St. Petersburg when it exploded – killing all 224 people aboard (most of them Russian vacationers).  The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack.  In fact the ISIS affiliate on the Sinai Peninsula – which is located between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea – released a chilling video which it claims depicts the final moments of the doomed jet.

Take a look …

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ISIS claimed it shot the plane down in response to Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict – a proxy war where America recently stepped up its engagement.