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Black-On-Black School Violence Ignored




Last week’s violent arrest of a black female high school student by white sheriff’s deputy Ben Fields – and Fields’ subsequent termination – has been South Carolina’s top news story of the last few days.

Everybody has been talking about it … and not just in the Palmetto State.

What does no one talk about, though?  Similar incidents involving black police officers.

Like this one …

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According to Brooke Bosca of Top Right News, the incident depicted in this video took place last fall at Spring Valley High School – the same school where Fields worked as a “school resource officer.”

Wherever the incident took place – the officer’s conduct is unacceptable.  Not only did he provoke the student, he threw the first punch in the ensuing altercation.  In fact we would argue this officer’s behavior is far more egregious than what Fields’ did.

So … who is this cop?  Was he fired?  And if not, why not?

And the most important question: Why did the media ignore his story?

We don’t know the answers to the first three questions … but we’re pretty sure the answer to the last question is “because he is black.”

Of course the media’s selective outrage really isn’t the “most important” part of this story … that would be the ongoing failure of South Carolina’s government-run monopoly to prepare students (especially low-income minority students) for the 21st century economy.

Oh, and failing to protect them while they are being failed academically …

“Our government-run schools have become war zones – creating fresh taxpayer obligations on top of the billions of dollars already shelled out annually on the nation’s worse government-run school system,” we wrote in the aftermath of Fields’ termination.  “As we’ve said all along, we believe in putting the free market in charge of education.  We believe instruction, testing and accountability, transportation and yes, security obligations would be far more efficiently discharged by a system in which parents had choices.”