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Jeb Bush Got Something Else Right




|| By FITSNEWS || This website hasn’t had many occasions upon which to say nice things about former Florida governor Jeb Bush.  But when Bush deserves it, we’ve praised him: Most notably for his leadership on the issue of parental choice, but also for his recent decision to oppose reauthorization of the crony capitalist U.S. Export-Import Bank.

Bush is on the right side of another issue this month – opposing the “Great Internet Giveaway” proposed by current U.S. president Barack Obama.

We last addressed this issue back in June, arguing that “the internet is one of the few things in America that’s working, and government’s limited role in preserving its basic infrastructure has been essential to maintaining web availability and freedom.”

Bush agrees …

“The United States must retain a strong leadership position in Internet governance,” he said in his recently unveiled cybersecurity plan.  “For example, we should maintain oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which manages the Internet’s domain name system.”

Good for Bush …

Obama has been trying for years to transfer this authority to the “global Internet community,” part of his ongoing (and increasingly dangerous efforts) to dilute U.S. sovereignty.

Bush’s refusal to go along with that plan is a welcome addition to this debate – and should help establishment “Republicans” in Congress to see the light.

“When candidates as far apart on the conservative spectrum like Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush agree that U.S. oversight of the world’s Internet domain name system should be safeguarded, Congress needs to pay attention,” said Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government, a group which has been leading the opposition to Obama’s proposed internet giveaway.  “The First Amendment freedoms of every person who uses the Internet is at stake.”

Indeed …