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Record Number Of US Job Openings




|| By FITSNEWS || Want another snapshot of America’s “dependency economy?” You know … the one in which government continues to perpetually subsidize joblessness?  With predictable results?

Of course you don’t … you’d rather read that “everything is awesome.”

Unfortunately, it’s not.

Courtesy of MarketWatch …

job openings

What’s that?

It’s a chart showing the number of job openings in America at the moment (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).  In July the total stood at 5.75 million – the highest number in nearly a decade-and-a-half.  That’s a lot of job openings … especially when you consider 94 million working age Americans are not participating in the labor force.

What gives?

It’s easy: When government enables huge swaths of its population to subsist in perpetuity on the backs of others (well, and on the back of soaring government debt) … they do just that.

Not. Rocket. Science.