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“Problem Bureaucrat” Rehired By SCDSS




|| By FITSNEWS || Things at S.C. governor Nikki Haley‘s Department of Social Services (SCDSS) haven’t gotten any better despite a change in leadership – and tens of millions of dollars in new taxpayer funding.

In fact it could be argued things are worse now than before … and “before” was pretty damn bad.

One reason for this ongoing “epic fail?”  Despite the appointment of a new state director, many of the county-level bureaucrats who have been running this agency into the ground have kept their jobs.  In fact, one of these county directors even got rehired after being let go from a similar job under curious circumstances.

Why is it so hard to get rid of terrible employees?

Good question … but that’s the way it’s been at this agency.  And apparently the way it is …



In Beaufort County, S.C. the current local DSS director is Lois Richter – who was appointed to this position in June.  Previously, Richter was the county DSS director in Charleston – a job she held for barely a year.

What happened?  Good question …

A DSS missive announcing Richter’s hiring last May claimed that she found the agency’s employees in Charleston to be “bright, enthusiastic and very welcoming.”

Less than two months later, however, she was complaining about their “vicious nature” in an inter-agency memo obtained by FITS – and making veiled threats that they needed to get in line or else.

“Senior management is not going anywhere so it needs to be a goal for us all to work together in a cooperative and efficient manner,” Richter wrote in the memo.

Wow …

Two S.C. Senators familiar with Richter’s tenure in Charleston, S.C. tell us “serious allegations” were brought to their attention related to her brief stay in the Holy City.

“I’m not legally permitted to discuss the specifics with you but I can tell you this: There is no way in hell that woman should have been given another job in state government – anywhere,” one of the Senators told FITS.

Another Senator said there was an “ongoing legislative investigation” into Richter and that the results of that probe would be provided to the governor’s office and to the office of S.C. Senator Tom Davis, who represents Beaufort County.

Additionally, we’ve been informed Richter’s case is part of a broader inquiry into ongoing “unacceptable practices” at SCDSS – an inquiry which has only gained momentum in the wake of the agency’s participation in a controversial refugee resettlement program.

Having kick-started the investigation that brought the last SCDSS leader down, we will continue to be on the cutting edge of this developing story …