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Watchdog: EPA On The Attack




|| By FITSNEWS || is quickly becoming one of our favorite new websites – especially its coverage of the overreaches of U.S. president Barack Obama‘s scandal-scarred Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

When the EPA isn’t (deliberately?) unleashing eco-disasters on the Western United States’ drinking supply, this rogue bureaucracy is waging war on American farmers, business owners and taxpayers.

And our economy as a whole …

And the “wins” against this behemoth are few and far between.

This year the EPA is attempting to impose its “dominion over every puddle” in America via a blatantly unconstitutional interpretation of the Clean Water Act.

Of course it’s been abusing this law for years …

Take the case of Wyoming rancher Andy Johnson – who had the audacity (after following his home state’s permitting process to the letter) to build a small pond on his property back in 2012.

According a Watchdog report, “Johnson is facing millions in fines from the federal government after the EPA determined his small pond – technically a “stock pond” to provide better access to water for animals on his ranch – is somehow violating the federal Clean Water Act.”

All told, the EPA has imposed a whopping $16 million in fines on Johnson over the last three years – an amount that grows by $37,000 every day.

“Threatening me with ruinous fines even though I’ve done nothing wrong is extortionate,” Johnson said in a statement released by the non-profit foundation representing him. “This is a battle about more than my land, my livestock and my pond. The EPA is on a mission to expand its power.  They want to take over jurisdiction over private property throughout the United States.”

Exactly …

As our friend Bill Wilson at Americans for Limited Government (ALG) likes to say, at the heart of most federal overreach is the notion of “taking.”

Money, liberty, guns, property, speech … you name it, they are coming for it.