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Where Will The Dow Jones Go Today?




|| By FITSNEWS || What went down has come back up … in a big way.

After shedding 800 points on Monday and Tuesday of this week, the Dow Jones industrial average rallied on Wednesday and Thursday to post a record 988-point rally – the best two-day performance in the market’s history.

Entering trading on Friday, the index stood at 16,656.84 – more than 200 points above where it started the week, but still well off of its all-time high of 18,312.39 (set just three months ago).

What will the Dow do today?

That’s anybody’s guess …

While the market’s fluctuations make for banner headlines, the underlying

Joblessness is rampant in America.  Income levels remain stagnant (and are actually losing ground when accounting for inflation).  Meanwhile the country’s economy growth (such as it is) is all based on expanded inventories, not real consumer growth.

What are our “leaders” doing about that?

Continuing to grow government as they shrink the nation’s economic engine: The middle class.  Oh, and continuing to put our economy at a competitive disadvantage by negotiating rigged crony capitalist trade deals.