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Anchor Baby Debate: The Real Issue




|| By FITSNEWS || As he’s done since his entry into the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump is driving the debate – forcing America into a long-overdue discussion of the inconvenient realities our unsustainable policies are producing.  He’s also forcing the far left (including those within his own party) to confront the failure of their decades of kicking various cans down the road.

Or worse …

Trump’s comprehensive immigration reform proposals – released earlier this week – are no exception.

After the GOP-Fox News conspiracy to take Trump out of the race failed (miserably), he punched back with a sweeping, substantive set of proposals designed to secure America’s southern border, ramp up enforcement of our nation’s existing immigration statutes and – perhaps most importantly – stop incentivizing illegal immigration.

And while we’re not going to gush like talking head Ann Coulter – who called Trump’s plan “the greatest political document since the Magna Carta” – it does represent the only thing resembling a real solution to the immigration problem any politician has put forth.  Ever.

“Trump’s far-ranging immigration proposals aren’t just comprehensive, they represent a sweeping repudiation of the ‘bipartisan’ approach to the issue that’s been en vogue in Washington, D.C. for decades,” we wrote.

Not only that, Trump laid out specifically how he would pay for his ideas – which few candidates ever do (about anything they propose).

Obviously we’ve never been “fire-breathers” on the immigration issue.  In fact we continue to support pathways to status for certain illegal immigrants – and believe mass deportation is every bit as unfeasible as it is cost-prohibitive.

But we’ve always argued in favor of enhanced border security – one of the few things our totally unwieldy federal government is actually supposed to do.  And we’ve long argued our leaders needed to start distinguishing between the kind of immigration which strengthens our nation’s economy (which should be incentivized) – and the kind which saps its strength (which should be discouraged).

All of this leads us to the most controversial component of Trump’s proposals – outlawing “anchor babies.”

The mainstream media refers to this as the “birthright citizenship” debate, implying that a child born within the borders of the United States to illegal immigrants ought to enjoy the same status as a child born to law-abiding, taxpaying citizens.

Should they?  No.

According to the liberal website Salon, adopting such a view means we’re racist, hoping to “get back to a soccer-free America dominated by Christian white men and pretty girls.”

Ah yes … pretty white girls.  Like the ones in that “controversial” University of Alabama video.

But is that what it’s about?  No.  It’s about the current system being unsustainable financially – for all Americans.

According to a report Kaiser Health News released earlier this year, Medicaid annually pays out $2.2 billion in reimbursements to hospitals to partially cover emergency room deliveries involving illegal aliens.  That’s $2.2 billion each year – just to get these “anchor babies” into the world.

And the costs only soar from there … with some estimates topping $50 billion a year.

Wait … doesn’t federal law ban illegal immigrants from benefiting from Medicaid?  Yes.  But no one seems to care about that.

“Birthright citizenship” perverts the Fourteenth Amendment, which was created to ensure former black slaves (and their sons and daughters) were not denied citizenship in the aftermath of the War Between the States.

It was not intended to provide perpetual government benefits to the children of illegal aliens.

But can it be changed?  If it’s determined a constitutional amendment is needed to eliminate automatic citizenship for the children of illegal aliens, that’s obviously never going to happen.  Seriously: There is literally nothing two-thirds of both houses of the U.S. Congress (and three-fourths of state legislatures) can agree on in today’s political climate.

Something as controversial as this?  It wouldn’t stand a chance.

But love him or hate him, Trump is right.

“This remains the biggest magnet for illegal immigration,” he said in rolling out his proposal to eliminate the anchor baby statute.

It is … and America simply cannot continue to subsidize the influx of immigrants it attracts.