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John Kasich Touts His Southern Cred




|| By FITSNEWS || Ohio governor John Kasich – who has successfully broken into the second tier of “Republican” presidential candidates – is touting the endorsement of Alabama governor Robert Bentley.

Or to be more precise The Washington Post‘s “Insiders” are touting it for him …

“This is a big deal,” Insiders’ Ed Rogers wrote.

“Bentley’s endorsement of Kasich suggests something thoughtful on his part,” Rogers continued.  “Kasich is a thinking person’s candidate. And for Bentley to give him his support at this point in the race proves that Alabama and other Southern states are competitive ground for the entire GOP field.”

Ummm … even for Southern U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham?

Yeah … no.

Kasich’s Bentley endorsement was rolled out on the same day he filed his paperwork to compete in South Carolina’s “First in the South” presidential primary – and announced his new Palmetto chairperson.

He’s also been palling around with U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford – who (like Kasich) used to be one of the good guys in the U.S. Congress.

(How times have changed).

And that’s our fundamental issue with Kasich’s candidacy: It’s not where he’s from, it’s that he’s not the guy he used to be.

“During the mid-to-late-1990s, Kasich and Sanford were the genuine articles … budget-hawking, liberty-loving lawmakers who lent ideological legitimacy to the 1994 ‘Republican Revolution,'” we wrote earlier this summer.


“(Both) have become pure status quo ‘Republicans’ – the embodiment of everything they once railed against,” we wrote.  “Plus they both incessantly invoke the divine in rationalizing their ideological betrayals.”


He talks a good game, but underneath his crisp, un-halting rhetoric and enviable command of budget numbers is a truth we can’t (and you shouldn’t) ignore: Kasich is a fiscal liberal.

Twenty years ago – when he was in Washington, D.C. standing up to status quo politicians (like the one he’s sadly become) – Kasich would have been among our top choices for president.

Today?  We would advise voters (especially those in South Carolina) to look elsewhere …