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Speaking Of Immigration Reform …




|| By FITSNEWS || Those who say billionaire mogul Donald Trump isn’t running a substantive campaign in his bid for the 2016 “Republican” presidential nomination obviously haven’t seen his immigration proposals.

Agree or disagree … Trump has rolled out specifics.  Not only that, he’s offered up a way to pay for his plan (imagine that).

(For our reporting on Trump’s proposed immigration reforms, click here).

Obviously the immigration issue is big in early-voting South Carolina – where Trump is currently enjoying a 3-to-1 lead over his nearest rival.  In fact we exclusively reported earlier this year on a controversial “resettlement” program in the socially conservative Upstate region of the Palmetto State.

Of interest in this ongoing debate?  A recent report we were forwarded from WLTX TV-19 (CBS – Columbia, S.C.).

“Wednesday is the first day of teacher orientation for Brookland Cayce High School,” the report began.  “Among the new teachers is one the school hopes will help with an increase in immigrant students.”

Wait … what?

From WLTX:

A couple weeks ago, we told you the story of 15 new immigrant students attending Brookland Cayce High School. They’re a part of the wave of children that came from Central America without parents or relatives, fleeing dangerous circumstances in their home country.

Last year, the school wasn’t quite ready for them. Now, there will be two teachers focusing on students who speak English as a second language.  The school also added a new class that’s completely in Spanish.

Well, well …

Far be it from us to be insensitive to the dangers faced by children in Central America, but last time we checked there were plenty of dangers facing children in the Palmetto State.

Also, it sounds like the education of these children (to the extent government-run schools in the Palmetto State “educate” anybody) is creating new demands on this particular school – which the school is responding to by adding positions and programs.

Ka-ching, ka-ching …

Look: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but there is a point at which the inflow of immigrations – based on a porous border or “Christian compassion” – has to stop.

“Faith-based compassion is a wonderful thing, but just as one’s religious beliefs shouldn’t be imposed on another without consent … neither should taxpayer obligations based on those beliefs,” we wrote recently.

America (and especially South Carolina) simply cannot afford it …