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“Exodus” Movement Targets Common Core




|| By FITSNEWS || A faith-based group which is urging Christian families to withdraw their children from failed government-run schools has launched a new movie aimed at federal Common Core standards.

The group – Exodus Mandate – believes “the time has come for a coordinated commitment by the national Christian leadership, pastors, and the larger Christian community to support (an) effort to withdraw Christian children from the government school systems and place them in existing Christian schools and Christian home schools.”

The organization also supports parental choice as a means of launching “new Christian schools where they do not now exist.”

No argument from us on either front …

Government-run education in the Palmetto State is an unmitigated disaster – and has been for decades despite “Republican” and Democratic politicians pouring billions of new tax dollars into the same failed system.

Anyway, Exodus Mandate says it is launching the film in response to “the comprehensive and accelerating failure of the government school system and the encroachment of Common Core State Standards.”

Not gonna argue either of those points …

Interested in a copy of the film?  Click here.

This website has consistently opposed Common Core.  Just as we’ve consistently opposed (and exposed) the Palmetto State’s dumbed down state assessments.  Why?  Because we believe the only real accountability in education is the accountability of the marketplace … something that’s sorely lacking in South Carolina.