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More Terrible Government-Run School Rankings




|| By FITSNEWS || So this is probably beating a dead horse, but another report is out this week highlighting the Palmetto State’s abysmal K-12 academic achievement.

This time the data comes from the personal finance website, which used thirteen different metrics in an effort to determine overall rankings for all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

How’d South Carolina stack up?

Here are some of the rankings …

28th – Percentage of High School Graduates Who Completed the ACT
41st – Math Test Score
43rd – Reading Test Score
32nd – Pupil-Teacher Ratio
35th – Dropout Rate
18th – School Safety
46th – Average SAT Score

Add it all up, and South Carolina ranks No. 45 overall …

Education has been a forgotten issue in the Palmetto State this year.  State lawmakers paid it short shrift during the recently concluded legislative session – throwing gobs of additional tax dollars at the failed government-run system, but only modestly expanding the state’s special needs parental choice program.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Throwing larger sums of money at a failed government-run system while refusing to enact market-based reforms is a recipe for continued failure.

Lawmakers might as well be setting your money on fire …