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The End Of Rick Perry’s 2016 Campaign Is Nigh




|| By FITSNEWS || Former Texas governor Rick Perry vowed to run a smarter presidential campaign in 2016.  Unfortunately for him and his supporters, it’s looking as though his second bid for the White House will be far shorter-lived and much less successful than his first, which flamed out in spectacular fashion after a brief flirtation with frontrunner status.

According to National Journal, things have gotten so bad on the financial front for Perry that he has stopped paying his Palmetto State staff.  In fact Perry’s financial woes reportedly extend beyond the “First in the South” primary state – to Iowa, New Hampshire and his national headquarters in Texas.

Nonetheless, Perry’s fearless South Carolina leader is marching onward.

“Nothing has changed with South Carolina as far as the mission at hand of helping the governor become the nominee of the party,” former SCGOP chairman and Perry 2016 South Carolina leader Katon Dawson told National Journal. “Nothing has changed.”

Well, nothing has changed except Dawson is now getting paid what he’s worth … (tssssss, burn).

Perry is polling at 2.5 percent in South Carolina according to the most recent data (.pdf here) – ranking him eleventh out of the sixteen candidates polled.

His 2016 campaign simply hasn’t caught fire – anywhere.  As a result he’s been forced to attack higher-polling candidates – neglecting to realize, apparently, that those candidates are polling higher for a reason.

Yeah … that strategy didn’t work either.

After failing to rank among the top ten “Republican” candidates in recent national polls, Perry missed out the first GOP presidential primary debate in Cleveland, Ohio last week.

Making matters worse, his participation in a forum of second-tier candidates was virtually ignored – as former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina dominated the exchange and the ensuing headlines (and received a nice bump in the polls as a result).

This website has never been keen on Perry.  From a post this spring …

… we simply cannot get behind Perry’s candidacy.  While we can appreciate his “tough guy” stance on border security (one of the few functions government is called up to perform), his rampant crony capitalism cannot be overlooked.

And he’s a sanctimonious moralizer to boot …

Frankly we look forward to his exit from the race … which from the looks of it is likely to be sooner rather than later.