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Rick Perry Won’t Be A Fool Again




|| By FITSNEWS || Former Texas governor Rick Perry‘s 2012 presidential campaign went from frontrunner to flame out faster than you can say “First in the South.”  In fact Perry dropped out of the race before the South Carolina “Republican” presidential primary – throwing his support behind Newt Gingrich (another fiscal liberal whose candidacy imploded).

So far Perry’s 2016 bid isn’t attracting much attention … which isn’t surprising seeing as his early-state appearances have been nothing short of disastrous so far.

But Perry isn’t deterred.

“The preparation side of this is most important to me,” he told NH1 this week during a campaign stop in the Granite State.  “Three years ago we didn’t put that preparation in. It was obvious and it was a pretty short lived campaign.  This time people are going to see a substantially better prepared, whether it’s on the issues or whether it’s the organization that we put together, whether it’s the boots on the ground right here in New Hampshire.  They will see a very, very, well thought out campaign if we decide to pull that trigger.”

Perry says he will make his decision no later than June of this year …

Whatever he decides to do – and however well-prepared he is to do it – we simply cannot get behind Perry’s candidacy.  While we can appreciate his “tough guy” stance on border security (one of the few functions government is called up to perform), his rampant crony capitalism cannot be overlooked.

And he’s a sanctimonious moralizer to boot …

At the end of the day, we suspect Perry won’t run.  But if he does, we’ll be holding him accountable for his record …