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Mark Sanford: “Love-Struck Mooncalf”




|| By FITSNEWS || We’ve written previously on Barton Swaim‘s “The Speechwriter,” a piece of historical fiction which is being released by Simon and Schuster this month.  More to the point, we’ve written on the damage control being done by the subject of “The Speechwriter” – U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford – in advance of the book’s release.

A one time pro-liberty, pro-free market champion in the U.S. Congress, Sanford has sold out to the “Republican” establishment completely since winning a special election in 2013.

(See here, here and here for examples).

But “The Speechwriter” was written before Sanford’s great ideological betrayal.  It captures the “Luv Gov” during his second term as governor of South Carolina – including the time he infamously lied to his state and his family about an affair with Maria Belen Chapur, his lover-turned-fiancée-turned-girlfriend.

The notoriously frugal governor – who was forced to reimburse taxpayers for travel funds expended in the furtherance of his tryst – was able to hang onto his job, but the investigation into his travel practices nearly led to his impeachment in 2010 and ruined his presidential aspirations for 2012.

While we wait for our copy of the book to arrive, one review has already been published in The Washington Times.

This particular recap contains very little of seismic revelation regarding Sanford, although it does include references to the politician (or rather his fictionalized self) having “considerable idiosyncrasies – among them his enraged bursts into the press room, waving sheets of paper and garbling unintelligibly.”


No wonder this guy can’t keep a staff to save his life …

Swaim’s reviewer – former White House speechwriter John R. Coyne – does offer a humorous line about Sanford’s incessant oversharing in the aftermath of getting busted.  According to him, Sanford came off “sounding much like a love-struck mooncalf,” offering public statements “so naive they evoked as much pity as political outrage.”

Love-struck mooncalf? 

Ha!  We’ll have to add that to the lexicon associated with the man known around Washington, D.C. as “Representative TMI.”

Anyway, to pre-order your copy of “The Speechwriter,” click here.  We should be getting our copy soon and will look forward to sharing additional thoughts at that point.

Pic: Travis Bell Photography