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Jeb Bush’s “Hate Putin” Tour




|| By FITSNEWS || Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins has a great piece up this week about former Florida governor Jeb Bush‘s campaign swing through … Europe?

That’s right … while other candidates are busy on the ground in early voting states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, the “Republican” establishment’s first choice will be giving speeches in Berlin, Warsaw and Tallinn this week.

Why?  Because Bush wants to be seen as standing up to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“If all goes according to plan, Jeb Bush will end this week with a superlative worthy of a campaign bumper sticker: Vladimir Putin’s least favorite Republican,” Coppins wrote, adding Bush will “lay out his vision for a more aggressive American stance against Russia, and illustrate what he considers to be the failures of President Obama’s weak-kneed response to Putin’s recent aggression in Eastern Europe.”

Oh, and upon returning stateside, Bush will be announcing his presidential candidacy (… again).

Look, we get that “Putin hate” is all the rage right now among”Republican” warmongers, but look just below the surface of all that “Russian aggression” and you’ll find some pretty galling U.S. hypocrisy (and needless agitation).

All of which is going to end up costing taxpayers big money … 

America has already intervened in Ukraine, helping orchestrate a coup to overthrow the county’s popularly elected government (so much for “spreading democracy”).  Now Jeb Bush is going to take a page from liberal financier George Soros‘ book and say more intervention is needed?

While scoring points with impressionable GOP voters in the process?


Bush can saber-rattle all he wants, but the bottom line is America can’t afford a new Cold War.  And the more we try to start one, the more we drive Russia and China into each other’s arms (to the extent they need any help on that front).