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Jeb Bush’s $100 Million Presidential Announcement




|| By FITSNEWS || We lost interest over the speculations surrounding former Florida governor Jeb Bush‘s presidential announcement a few weeks ago … you know, when he accidentally announced his candidacy.

But there’s growing speculation that Bush will “officially” (i.e. non-accidentally) announce his candidacy next week – and along with it, reveal a $100 million war chest in support of his White House aspirations.

“Is $100 million enough to convince conservative Republican primary voters that you’re not a big government crony capitalist pig?” one South Carolina GOP strategist asked FITS.

Whoa … good question.

“Whether it’s (his) undying support for federal government educational indoctrination of our youth, unwavering support for violating every American’s fourth amendment rights, amnesty for illegal immigrants who have violated this nation’s laws, support for warrantless search and seizure, higher taxes or any number of ridiculous policy positions, Jeb Bush simply isn’t what we need,” the strategist added.

We’re not “big on Bush” either (double entendre alert), although we have given him praise in those instances where he’s evidenced a longstanding commitment to sound, pro-free market policy – or made the right call on a current issue.

Unfortunately such instances are too far and few between for him to warrant serious consideration from pro-freedom, pro-free market voters …

UPDATE: Looks like our “speculators” were correct. Bush will be announcing his candidacy on Monday, June 15.  No word yet on what sort of financial fireworks will accompany his big entrance.