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Marco Rubio’s South Carolina “Coup”




|| By FITSNEWS ||  With the eyes of the political universe focused on U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and his big announcement, you’re forgiven for missing a so-called “coup” pulled off by one of his rivals in early-voting South Carolina.

We’re referring to U.S. Senator Marco Rubio‘s recently announced alliance with Palmetto State lobbyist/ consultant J. Warren Tompkins.

Of course Rubio and his team don’t engage in so-called “process stories,” so Tompkins’ hiring didn’t make much of a splash …

Who is Tompkins?  As longtime FITS readers are well aware he’s a liberal lobbyist … has been for years.  We’re not the only ones who’ve made his left-leaning ideological orientation abundantly clear, either.

“Conservatives argue that (Tompkins) good fortune has come at the expense of their beliefs, and that he has enriched himself through insider’s deals and arrangements that subvert limited government,” columnist Deroy Murdoch wrote back in 2009.

That’s not just an argument, actually … it’s demonstrably true.

Tompkins has spent years padding his pockets on behalf of the Palmetto State’s big-spending establishment – most notably defending its corrupt, “one size fits none” government-run education system (and its bureaucratic apologists).

He’s been ruthless in his advocacy, too …

In fact, Tompkins is the alleged architect of the dirtiest political hit in the history of the “First in the South” presidential primary.  Although in recent years his political character assassination attempts have veered from effective to downright clumsy.

So … why is Rubio (well, his political action committee) hiring this guy?

Good question …

Beyond his liberal mooring and reputation for dirty dealings, Tompkins has little to boast of these days … as his once-formidable political organization is a mere shadow of its former strength.  So what does he bring to the table for Rubio?  Very little … not unlike what he brought to the table for Mitt Romney in the last two “First in the South” elections.

According to The New York Times, Tompkins “will focus on raising tens of millions of dollars that will be used to buy advertising in support of the senator.”

All from good “conservatives,” right?  Right …

This website had already taken a dim view of Rubio’s candidacy.

“Like so many ‘conservative’ politicians before him, we believe (Rubio) had tremendous potential … but he chose to go to the dark side rather than stand for freedom and free markets,” we wrote earlier this month.

Indeed … and now he’s got an aging liberal “Palmetto Palpatine” poised to do his dirty work in the ramp-up to the “First in the South” primary.