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Letter: Choosing Life



Dear Editor,

I have spent the last nearly 4 months hiding from the world. Heartbroken and Embarrassed – I moved to South Carolina to be with the love of my life.  On October 4th, I was supposed to marry him – which didn’t happen; and a week later, he was arrested for domestic violence.

The day after he was arrested, I took an at home pregnancy test realizing I was late – and what do you know, my ‘worst nightmare’ just came true. Not only did my entire engagement/wedding fall apart, my ex was sitting in jail – and I was pregnant with his child.

I’m thankful for the friends who listened to me complain, cry, sob, and who helped me through the three months of transition prior to me finally getting a great job and being able to move back ‘home’, but embarrassed with my obviously growing preggo belly – I have avoided the world.  My days have consisted of going to work … and then coming home and crying until I finally fell asleep.  Avoiding contact with anyone who might see me – who might realize ‘oh I thought you were supposed to get married? You’re pregnant?” etc. etc. etc.

I only share this entire situation – because despite all of it, despite the horrific nightmare of timing this pregnancy could have occurred during – I know without a doubt my Heavenly Father created this child – and that life is within me.  I will never tell anyone that they are right or wrong for their choices – especially when it comes to abortion – because I know how hard circumstances can be.  I know how lonely it can be – and trust me, if you didn’t already read it – I spend many of nights sobbing myself to sleep … So I get it – I understand.

Unplanned pregnancy is never easy, no matter the situation.  But neither is killing an innocent life.  And these fingers my friends – are fingers that belong to a human being that currently lives ‘inside of me’ – but is real, and deserves every chance of liberty and the pursuit of happiness that the rest of ‘outside the womb’ deserve as well.  I would strongly encourage each of my friends to pray for the mothers who are in similar situations as myself – that they too can find the strength, even when it seems impossible, to know that their child has a purpose and is here for a reason, and that they too will be strong enough to consider Adoption over Abortion.


Blair Pettrey
Frederick, Maryland