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Governor “Hailey” Supports School Choice?




|| By FITSNEWS || During her tenure in the South Carolina House of Representatives (and her 2010 campaign for the “Republican” gubernatorial nomination), Nikki Haley was a strong advocate for expanded parental choice in education.

Unfortunately, her support for school choice evaporated the moment she captured the GOP nomination … with her telling reporters in August 2010 that choice was “not a priority” and would not be her focus as governor.

Haley has been true to her words … in fact her most recent education proposals represented a full-fledged embrace of the Palmetto State’s failed status quo.

Now Haley appears to be charting a course correction …

According to an online flyer distributed by the Palmetto Policy Forum – former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint‘s South Carolina-based think tank – Haley will be participating at a rally this week in support of school choice.

Well, someone named Governor “Hailey” will be participating …

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haley school choice

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Let’s hope DeMint’s group is better at organizing a crowd than it is at, you know, spelling.

Anyway … it’s no secret South Carolina’s government-run school system is a disaster.  And it’s no secret that throwing more money at the problem has only made it worse.  So … what do we have to lose by trying something new?

There are any number of market-based reforms “Hailey” and state lawmakers could push this year, but the quickest and easiest solution would be expanding the state’s successful special needs scholarship program to include a broader universe of eligible children.  Oh, and making this program a part of permanent law (South Carolina is the only state in America to authorize school choice on a “provisional” basis as part of the annual state budget).