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Follow-Up File: Failure Has Consequences (Not)




By FITSNEWS  ||  Earlier this month we documented the latest incentivizing of failure in Jasper County, S.C. – home to the worst government-run education system in South Carolina (which itself happens to be home to the worst government-run system of education in America).

Superintendent Vashti Washington has seen her $165,000 a year (not counting benefits) gig extended for another year … and gotten a $12,000 bonus to boot.

“Crap like this would never happen in a market-based system,” we wrote.  “In fact in a market-based system Washington’s district – which is currently under investigation regarding allegations of fraud, waste and mismanagement – would have gone out of business decades ago.”

Indeed …

So what did Washington do to “earn” her contract extension and bonus?  Good question.

Hell, even the liberal mainstream media wants to know the answer to that one …

“(Jasper) has not improved its ‘at risk’ rating on state report cards since 2009 and in October received its third consecutive ‘F’ grade on federal report cards,” an editorial in The (Hilton Head) Island Packet noted.

But the district’s poor performance in related to Washington’s “above average” effort isn’t the only thing the paper is upset about … it’s the district’s deliberate effort to evade accountability.

“The board conducted its performance review in a three-hour, closed session and refuses to produce a written evaluation, mocking the public,” the editorial continued.  “Written reviews ceased last year on the advice of the district’s lawyer because they are subject to disclosure under the state’s Freedom of Information Act.  That lawyer, Ken Childs, noted public bodies are not obligated to produce documents that don’t exist, so by documenting nothing, the district avoids information requests that are ’embarrassing for the superintendents.'”

And yes we covered last year’s debacle, too, by the way … 

Sadly, this isn’t a joke … this is “public education” in South Carolina.  Although it’s getting harder to tell the difference …

Remember this nonsense, though.  Especially when government-run schools brag about their “accountability” – and claim that letting children out of their increasingly expensive failure factories will somehow erode the “high standards” to which government-run schools are held.

It’s all B.S., people.