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SC Supreme Court: Government-Run Schools Not “Minimally Adequate”




By FITSNEWS  ||  In a ruling that ought to be a long-overdue wake-up call – not an excuse to pour more tax dollars into the same failed system – the S.C. Supreme Court has ruled that the Palmetto State’s government-run education system, an effective monopoly in most corners of the state, is not fulfilling its constitutional duty to provide a “minimally adequate” education in poor, rural districts.

Twenty-one years after the suit was first filed, the court found the S.C. General Assembly was in violation of its constitutional obligation to provide this “minimally adequate” education in twenty-nine of the state’s eighty-five school districts.

Really … that’s all?  Because last time we checked the failure of South Carolina’s government-run system extended far beyond that.

“Thousands of South Carolina’s school children – the quintessential future of our state – have been denied this opportunity due to no more than historical accident,” the court ruled.

Wait … historical accident?  Or status quo neglect … perpetuated by dumbed-down standards from the very same bureaucracy that’s now clamoring for more tax dollars in the wake of this “historic” ruling.

Should these districts get more money?  Hell no.  South Carolina taxpayers already spend nearly $13,000 per child each year on the worst government-run education system in America … one which (oh by the way) is hoarding roughly $1 billion in surplus funds.

So get ready for the shrill cries … the “we’ve got to do something” (i.e. spend more money) whining and moaning from the same status quo interests that have been propping up this failed bureaucracy for decades.

Then ignore it …

South Carolina’s government-run school system isn’t failing the admittedly low “minimally adequate” bar because it isn’t getting enough money … it’s failing that bar because there is absolutely zero incentive for it to improve the product it is providing.

Seriously, what do expect is going to happen when uniformly bad outcomes are rewarded each year with automatic funding increases and new government programs?

That’s easy: More fail …

South Carolina taxpayers cannot afford to continue throwing good money after bad with respect to this self-perpetuating, generational failure.  The only thing that will save our schools is the accountability of the marketplace.  Accompanied by a long overdue recognition that our loyalty belongs not to the status quo forces profiting from this failed system, but the children and parents who continue to be failed by it.