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The Media Wants Thomas Ravenel’s Campaign To Be Fake




Earlier this week report Schuyler Kropf of The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier  published a story about the U.S. Senate candidate Thomas Ravenel.

The gist of Kropf’s story?  That Ravenel’s candidacy is all about boosting television ratings for Southern Charm – the Bravo TV reality show featuring the 52-year-old Lowcountry businessman.  In other words he’s amplifying the central message of the campaign of incumbent “Republican” Lindsey Graham, who is hoping to portray Ravenel’s candidacy as a sideshow.

Kropf’s assertion appeared to be validated this week when Ravenel’s campaign manager – Scott Wheeler – allegedly told U.S. News and World Report  that he was approached by Bravo and asked to run Ravenel’s race.

“They called me,” Wheeler allegedly told the network. “They were fishing around in Washington for somebody. They were looking for somebody who had political experience and also I’ve done some entertainment stuff, script-writing, things like that so they called me and said, ‘Would you be interested?'”

Wheeler told FITS he “didn’t say any of that,” adding that the alleged misquotation by U.S. News’ reporter David Cantanese “reminds everyone who side the press is on.”

That’s a good point … the establishment media is clearly doing everything it can to trivialize Ravenel and protect Graham.

For example, Kropf devoted an entire story to anonymous allegations that Ravenel was violating FEC law by accepting payments for appearing in his reality TV show (he isn’t – the allegation is totally false).  Meanwhile left unaddressed by Kropf?  The deadly serious, on-the-record allegations made by the FEC against Graham’s campaign.

Why would Kropf write about one totally bogus anonymous allegation against Ravenel but not address the other, more serious allegation against Graham?

Good question …

Obviously the Post and Courier  has proven it is more than willing to go in the tank for establishment politicians – but that makes them no different from most of the Fourth Estate in South Carolina, which is all about propping up failed establishments and covering for the corrupt politicians who do their bidding.

Seriously … maintaining the status quo is in the MSM’s best financial interests, even though it is clearly not in the best interests of the citizens of South Carolina.

As for this website, we will continue to unapologetically support candidates we believe to be genuine in their commitment to freedom and free markets – candidates like Ravenel.

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