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Sour Grapes … Over Charity?




Memo to politicians: Don’t act on your first instinct.

Well … assuming your name is Joe McCulloch, the trial lawyer running for the S.C. House of Representatives in Columbia, S.C. against reform-minded Republican Kirkman Finlay.

We’ve written about McCulloch’s dubious intellect before, but this time he appears to have outdone himself – as a representative of his campaign has reportedly called to complain about a fellow Democrat’s involvement in a charitable event for needy families.

Earlier this week, FITS posted a follow-up report on a charitable event friends of Finlay had asked us to highlight – a back-to-school supply drive for needy families.  The event was a huge success, thanks to the work of Finlay, Richland County (S.C.) councilman Damon Jeter and its various corporate sponsors.

“Lots of politicians talk about helping those in need via taxpayer-funded bureaucracies, but at the end of the day those efforts are invariably about power and patronage,” we wrote.  “Don’t believe us? Look at the results.  It’s nice to see a few politicians saying ‘enough is enough’ and doing their part to help those in need directly … out of their own pockets and the pockets of like-minded individuals in the private sector.”

Not everybody was pleased with Finlay’s event, though.

According to our sources, McCulloch had someone from his campaign contact Jeter regarding his involvement with the Finlay Scholars’ Back to School Bash. McCulloch’s minion questioned Jeter about whether he was a “real Democrat.”

Jeter reportedly asked the caller to explain his meaning, to which he received the reply “you know what I’m talking about.”

“Tell Joe to call me if he wants to discuss this issue,” Jeter reportedly said to the caller.

Of course McCulloch never called.

Frankly we find it interesting that a Democrat – who claims he supports fully funding education (albeit without a plan to do so) – would work behind the scenes to try and sabotage an event that helps some of the most needy school children in our community. Seems Joe McCulloch cares more about his image – and winning – than helping the people who live in his own community.

This is the third time Jeter and Finlay have teamed up to give kids book bags, school supplies and a free meal for them at their families. The previous events were held at Pinehurst Park and the Playground at Gonzales Gardens, a low-income housing facility.

This year’s event was held in the parking lot of Staples office supply on Devine Street in downtown Columbia.