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Last month we did a brief on S.C. Rep. Kirkman Finlay‘s efforts to show some love to needy families in the Midlands region of South Carolina.

Working with Richland County, S.C. councilman Damon Jeter and sponsors like Staples, AmerisBank and the South Carolina Forestry Foundation, Finlay’s non-profit scholarship foundation put on a hugely successful event last week (August 3, 2014) aimed at equipping low income families with back-to-school supplies.

Finlay’s group – named in honor of his father, former Columbia, S.C. mayor Kirkman Finley, Jr. – distributed more than 350 fully-packed book bags to children.  The food truck from Finlay’s restaurant – Pawleys Front Porch – also served up more than 400 hot dog dinners to attendees.

Good for him … and all those who participated.

Lots of politicians talk about helping those in need via taxpayer-funded bureaucracies, but at the end of the day those efforts are invariably about power and patronage. Don’t believe us? Look at the results.

It’s nice to see a few politicians saying “enough is enough” and doing their part to help those in need directly … out of their own pockets and the pockets of like-minded individuals in the private sector.

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