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Months after S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley assured South Carolinians that no illegal aliens would be housed in the Palmetto State as a result of the ongoing border crisis (oops), the mayor of Columbia, S.C. is opening his arms to the influx.

That’s right … South Carolina’s capital city is about to become a “sanctuary city.”

Scandal-scarred mayor Steve Benjamin convinced the Columbia, S.C. city council to approve a resolution welcoming the illegal aliens this week.  Not only that, he’s created a taxpayer-funded panel to explore ways the government can provide for their well-being during their indefinite stay.

Benjamin’s government is reportedly working in concert with the administration of Barack Obama – who wants taxpayers to shell out more than $4 billion to subsidize the housing, feeding and clothing of unaccompanied minors fleeing the Mexican Drug War (and hoping to take advantage of the U.S. government’s generosity).

Sources familiar with the effort say it’s another attempt to route tax dollars to Benjamin’s favored black constituencies – including many black churches who would receive indirect aid as a result of housing the immigrants.

“Potentially thousands of undocumented minors are on their way,” a source familiar with the plan told FITS.

Whoa …

This website has refrained from breathing fire over the immigration issue.  At the end of the day we’re all immigrants, and the government’s failure to embrace a rational policy regarding legal  immigration is hurting our economy.  Also as former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has pointed out, the government’s demonstrably failed “War on Drugs” is a major contributing factor to the Mexican violence that’s driving the latest border surge.

Having said that … churches, community organizations and philanthropically inclined individuals that wish to house, feed and clothe undocumented minors should be permitted to do so – as long as taxpayers aren’t compelled to subsidize their generosity.