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New IPhones Are Coming




Apple will unveil its newest iPhone at an event on September 9, the website Re/code reports.

The “iPhone 6” – as it is expected to be christened – will reportedly feature a newer, faster “A8” processor and come in two new sizes, a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display.  The current Apple flagship smart phone – the iPhone 5s – features a four-inch display.

Apple is also likely to unveil a new operating system for its smart phones as well as a smart watch, dubbed the “iWatch” that is capable of playing music, receiving text messages and emails and managing social media accounts.

One company executive told the publication the company’s new product line was “the best he’d seen in his 25 years at Apple.”

The California-based technology giant has seen slower-than-usual growth in recent months – driven by slumping iPad sales and a global softening of the smart phone market – but the launch of its new larger-screen mobile devices is expected to be well-received by consumers.

“We believe Apple is poised for a record iPhone 6 upgrade cycle,” one analyst told MarketWatch . “Given the lower replacement sales the past 18 months combined with our survey work, we believe there is strong pent-up demand for the new larger screen iPhones.”

Apple has sold more than 500 million iPhones since introducing the first device in 2007.

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