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Lillian McBride Brings Sexy Back




Remember Lillian McBride?

She’s the corrupt South Carolina election bureaucrat at the heart of the 2012 “Richland County Robbery” – in which the taxpayers of Richland County, S.C. were deprived of $1.2 billion via a rigged election.

After county residents narrowly defeated a similar sales tax hike in 2010, liberal “Republican” and Democratic leaders of the local legislative delegation decided to take matters into their own hands. With approval of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, they passed a law seizing control of the local election commission – and installed McBride as their puppet.

McBride then proceeded to rig the election – deliberating targeting excessive shortages of voting machines in county precincts that voted against the tax hike two years earlier (quite possibly while working in direct coordination with her intimate relations in the pro-tax movement).

These election machine shortages – which flagrantly violated state law – produced wait times of up to seven hours in staunchly anti-tax districts, resulting in widespread suppression of the anti-tax vote.

The outcome?  A narrow “victory” for the tax hike – and a new job and a lifetime pension for McBride.

Crazy, huh?

Not only has there been no federal investigation of any of this, but McBride has since been restored to a leadership role at the Richland County Election Commission.

Yeah …

Just remember all that as you check out her latest Facebook photos …