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Nikki Haley, Lawmakers Correct To Outlaw Driving While Texting




Earlier this month while our founding editor soaked up the sun on Pawleys Island, S.C., Palmetto State leaders exerted their authority to regulate one of his favorite freedoms.  Specifically, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley signed a law that overwhelmingly passed both the State House and Senate – a law banning “DWT,” or driving while texting.

This website is no friend of Haley’s or the S.C. General Assembly.  Conversely, we are this state’s foremost advocates for individual liberty.

But is the right to DWT a “liberty?”

No.  In fact four-and-a-half years ago – before Haley was even nominated for governor – we penned a piece making our position clear on this issue.

“We’re all about individual liberty around here, people … but there’s a point where that ‘liberty’ can infringe on the individual liberties of others – in which case, it’s not really liberty at all, is it?” we noted.

Exactly …

Driving while texting is dangerous, people … more dangerous than drunk driving, even.  But it’s not the inherent danger of the activity that renders it deserving of regulation, it’s the fact the danger is placed squarely upon on those who have no say in the matter.

It boils down to this:  An individual’s right to drive while texting must necessarily be trumped by another individual’s right not to be mowed down by someone driving while texting.

That’s common sense … which is why forty-eight other states beat South Carolina to the punch and passed anti-DWT laws before we did.  Still, Haley and state lawmakers deserve credit for finally getting around banning this practice.

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