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SC Right Rallying To Thomas Ravenel?




This website has made no bones of its support for former politician turned reality television star Thomas Ravenel.  Sure, politically speaking “T-Rav” may be damaged goods – and he’s obviously a long shot in his contemplated bid for the U.S. Senate – but he’s our friend.

And friendship matters for something in this business …

More to the point, though, Ravenel is unswerving in his support of the American free market – as well as those fundamental American freedoms Washington, D.C. has so thoroughly stampeded over in recent years.  Like him or not, the bottom line is he’s rock solid on the issues that matter to us – fundamentally reducing the size and scope of government and its ability to infringe on our boardrooms, bedrooms and bank accounts.

We were reminded of this on a recent trip to Charleston, S.C. when – upon hopping into Ravenel’s Land Rover – we heard its speakers’ blaring audio from a foreign policy forum at the Cato Institute.

Seriously … who plays Cato Institute foreign policy forum CDs in their car?

Someone we want in our nation’s capital, that’s who … a guy who can’t be bought off by the powerful warmongers profiting from America’s unsustainable interventionism and incessant stream of military waste.

As he’s proven time and again, Ravenel can go toe-to-toe on these issues (and others) with U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham – a whore of the military industrial complex and other establishment interests.  Graham – who we believe is one of the most pernicious threats to American liberty and prosperity the “Republican” party has ever produced – is highly vulnerable this year, although his vulnerabilities were unable to be exploited this spring by a crowded field of primary challengers.

A pair of recent polls provided to FITS underscore this vulnerability (which we hope to write more about in the coming days).

One of those polls even tested Ravenel’s name on the ballot for the first time …

Anyway, it’s no secret Ravenel would likely score votes in places “Republicans” and Democrats don’t know where to look … but how many votes would he also take away from the two mainstream candidates?

Forty-four percent of “Republican” voters chose someone other than Lindsey Graham when they went to the polls earlier this month … how many of those would vote for Ravenel?

More than a few, it would appear …

“The elections are not over and grassroots activists still have time to ‘Lose Lindsey Graham,'” Upstate GOP activist Chris Lawton told  “Ravenel has the charisma, has solid libertarian ideas, and has the money to unseat Graham this November.”

But what about Ravenel’s famous 2007 drug bust?

“What they do in their off time is their business,” Lawton said.

The article also referenced swarms of “busy worker bees” who are “enthusiastically gathering signatures to put Ravenel on the ballot.”

“One thing is certain, there are grassroots activists in South Carolina who are still working very hard to oust Lindsey Graham and they are not giving up,” the article noted.

Good …

Not all anti-Graham “Republicans” are on board, though.  In fact one named Bill Bledsoe offered up a bizarre conspiracy theory surrounding Ravenel’s candidacy.

“My feeling is that T-Rav is financed by the Graham super PAC,” he said, referring to one of the many political organizations working to reelect Graham. “T-Rav has too many connections – and too much propaganda – from (Nancy) Mace and FITS News.  I feel he is a puppet to take all the Republican Graham hater votes away from (Democratic nominee) Brad Hutto.”

Ummmmm … okay.

Ravenel needs a lot of things to break his way if he expects to pull off a comeback – one that would be far more improbable than Mark Sanford’s 2013 return to public office.

One of the first things he needed? Evidence that conservative Republicans who voted against Lindsey Graham in the GOP primary were gravitating toward him – not Graham.

Looks like that’s happening …

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