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(Pawleys) Programming Note




Each summer this website shuts down for a week while our founding editor and his expanding brood travel to the Golden Mile of Myrtle Beach, S.C. for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Not this summer, though …

This year, Sic Willie and his family are heading a bit further down the Atlantic Seaboard … to Pawleys Island … where they will be reposing for a period of two weeks beginning on June 1.

Wait … two weeks without FITS?


Actually we wouldn’t do that to you … and probably couldn’t do that professionally. After all, there’s a primary election taking place on June 10, and while a recent poll discovered only 19 percent of the state’s registered primary voters were aware of the date of the election … a few people are still expected to show up and cast ballots for a largely unimpressive field of candidates.

That means we’ll be obligated to report on how many votes those candidates received … and then comment on how hopeless things are for poor ol’ South Carolina (nothing new there, right?).

In addition to the primary elections, we’ll also be tracking the latest chess moves in the battle between S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell and Attorney General Alan Wilson – the latter of whom is fighting in court to continue his grand jury investigation of the former’s alleged public corruption.

We also hope to have some word on the status of the coming year’s state budget, which as we noted in this post magically “shrunk” by $1.5 billion this year (but is expected to grow by several hundred million this year thanks to S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s massive Medicaid expansion).

The final numbers on that beast of bureaucratic burden should be interesting … especially as South Carolinians struggle with stagnant incomes and a shrinking workforce.

And speaking of Haley … she’s making national news again.

Lots to keep track of, in other words … which means there will be no real opportunity for us to totally “check out.”

So … a working vacation it will be. Although don’t be disappointed if our usual prodigiousness with such slick diction gives way to a more relaxed pace of news making (sounds almost kinky, doesn’t it?) … at least for the next two weeks.

Oh … and if you’ve got a tip on something you think we should cover while we’re gone you can send it via the tip line or via email (we’ll be checking those sporadically). Also, Sic will be randomly updating his Twitter and Facebook pages while he’s gone … so be sure to sign up for his tweets or “friend” him if you haven’t already.

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