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Now The SCGOP Cares About The “Republican” Brand?



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There’s some thick irony coming out of the S.C. “Republican” Party (SCGOP) this week …

The establishment that’s flooded with fiscal liberals and former Democrats suddenly wants us to believe the word “Republican” means something. And is worth fighting for. The party of former Democrats (like S.C. Senators Hugh Leatherman, Larry Martin, Billy O’Dell and Luke Rankin) and big government “Republicans” (like House Speaker Bobby Harrell and Gov. Nikki Haley) is up in arms that an independent gubernatorial candidate is referencing himself as a “Republican.”

In his first television advertisement of the 2014 gubernatorial election, petition candidate Tom Ervin refers to himself as an “independent Republican.”

That declaration was promptly greeted by a cease and desist letter prepared by GOP attorney Doug Smith.

“You chose to run as an independent,” Smith writes to Ervin in the letter. “The use of the word ‘Republican’ by a candidate who has chosen to withdraw from the Republican primary will undoubtedly confuse voters and create the false impression that you are actually a candidate of the Republican Party.”

Really? They’re not angry the GOP’s own gubernatorial nominee has pushed a fiscally liberal agenda on taxesspendingeducation and (most notably) government-subsidized health care?

Of course not. She’s an actual “Republican,” remember?

And people wonder why GOP party identification is at an all-time low …

Anyway we’ll be sure to bring you Ervin’s response to this “cease and desist” letter if we receive one …

UPDATE: And here is Ervin’s response.

The money shot? 

“I wish the governor showed as much passion in protecting our vulnerable children who have been abandoned by the director of DSS, fixing our crumbling roads, reforming our tax code and giving parents more choice in the education of their children as she does in protecting her political future.”