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“All Hail The Anti-Fake Soldier Bill!”




Over the last few months, this website has methodically exposed S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch (RINO-Georgetown) as a politician with some serious ethical issues (most notably involvement in illegal stem cell operations and treasure hunting scams). Goldfinch has already been indicted for his role in the stem cell debacle – and has been accused of peddling his influence in the treasure hunting fiasco.

Of course this is “Republican-controlled” South Carolina – where no politician is ever held accountable for their actions.

So after some clever spinning (and a hall pass from the state’s mainstream media), Goldfinch is back to doing what “Republicans” in South Carolina do best – ignoring long-overdue free market reforms in favor of meaningless feel-good legislation.

Which of course gets him all sorts of positive press from the legacy media …

Take Goldfinch’s legislation aimed at criminalizing lies told about military service.

According to The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper this “epidemic” must be stopped – and only Goldfinch’s “S.C. Military Service Integrity and Preservation Act” can stop it.

Passed unanimously by the S.C. House earlier this year, Goldfinch’s bill cleared a Senate subcommittee last month and has, according to The State, “strong support” on the Senate judiciary committee. In other words it has a date with S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s signature any day now …

Last year the federal government passed a similar law, the so-called “stolen valor” act – which prescribes fines of up to $1,000 and jail time of up to a year.

Wait … so there’s a federal law already on the books criminalizing the very sort of behavior addressed by Goldfinch’s law?

Yes …

What a joke.

First of all (as we’ve noted on multiple prior occasions) “military service” is no longer the heroic sacrifice it once was. That’s because individuals who enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces are no longer “fighting for our freedoms,” they are invariably engaging in special interest-driven interventionist foreign policy that has zero compelling national interest.

Not to mention the fact they are swearing allegiance to a government that spies on its people … a policy enthusiastically championed by liberal U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Speaking of Graham, we have one final question regarding Goldfinch’s bill: If it passes, does that mean Graham can be charged retroactively for the lies he told about his own military service?

Oh right … this is South Carolina, where elected officials are above the laws they pass for everyone else (even ridiculous ones like Goldfinch’s).

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