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Stephen Goldfinch Is A Smooth Criminal



We knew months ago that freshman S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch (RINO-Georgetown) was no friend of the taxpayer.

Seriously … anybody who wants to add schools to the Palmetto State’s hopelessly bloated system of higher education clearly has his priorities WAY out of whack.

A true free market conservative would support privatizing the whole damn system and being done with it …

But Goldfinch isn’t just a typical South Carolina “Republican in Name Only.” He’s a much more dangerous animal – as evidenced by his diabolically skillful handling of a looming federal indictment.

For those of you just catching up to this story, FITS exclusively reported seven weeks ago that Goldfinch was at the heart of a federal investigation into the illegal harvesting of stem cells. This week, Goldfinch for the first time confirmed the existence of this probe – and announced his plan to plead guilty to a pair of charges related to it.

Why now?

Glad you asked: Let’s examine the many instances of evil genius associated with this white collar hoodlum’s “confession.”

First is timing. Goldfinch leaked the news of his impending guilty plea so that it would appear in newspapers the day before Thanksgiving – i.e. a national “travel day” (when next to no one is following the news).

Second is venue. Goldfinch leaked the story to his hometown paper, ensuring the first mainstream media account of the scandal would be as favorable to his version of events as possible.

Third is coordination. Within minutes of the news about Goldfinch breaking, the local “Republican” party in Georgetown County had issued a press release praising his service and urging support for him.

Fourth is blame. While the last line of Goldfinch’s statement talks about “taking responsibility,” virtually every other line in his press release blames someone else for the fiasco – which we’re told is completely inconsistent with what really happened.

Fifth – and most importantly – is definition. Goldfinch has defined the terms of this scandal in a vacuum. Until federal authorities actually indict Goldfinch (and list the specific charges they are filing against him), we have no idea whether he is telling us the whole truth about his plea agreement. But Goldfinch has – for the initial news cycle anyway – framed everything according to his version of events.

Pretty impressive, huh?

Stephen Goldfinch, everybody. Smooth criminal.