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Davis On Obamacare: States Must “Kill This Thing”



S.C. Sen. Tom Davis is hosting hearings across the Palmetto State next week on the implementation of U.S. President Barack Obama’s socialized medicine law – “Obamacare.”

These hearings have already frightened some in the GOP establishment who have demonstrated conflicted opposition to Obamacare (notably Nikki Haley). Who isn’t conflicted on the bill, though?

Davis …

“Washington D.C. has failed us,” the second-term Senator wrote on his Facebook page. “Time for the states to use powers reserved unto them to kill this thing.”

No mincing words there …

But while some fiscal liberals in Columbia – including Haley – are leery of Davis (and lobbied to strip him of his leadership role on this committee), S.C. Senate President John Courson has kept him at its helm.

Fiscal conservatives are thrilled …

“Tom is the perfect person to be leading this,” U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney told FITS. “He has rock-solid credibility within the Tea Party groups, but the business community knows he isn’t crazy. Conservatives look to him for leadership, but more establishment Republicans know that he is someone with whom they can work. He has that rare ability to find common ground without compromising his principles.”

Mulvaney says that “rare ability” is driven by Davis’ policy expertise.

“He understands the substance of the issue, but he also understands the politics of the issue,” Mulvaney added. “If we are going to figure out a way to help fix deal with this problem in South Carolina, Tom is the perfect guy for the job.”

S.C. Sen. Kevin Bryant – a member of the committee – agreed with Mulvaney.

“Tom has always been exceptional in articulating the principles of constitutional liberty and the role of government,” Bryant said. “As he chairs this committee he will help South Carolinians better understand how the UN-affordable Care Act violates these principles.”

“I look forward to sitting on the committee under this leadership.” Bryant added.

S.C. Sen. Shane Martin told FITS he knew of “no one else better equipped to chair this committee” than Davis.

More importantly, Martin added that he was looking forward to helping Davis when the fight over Obamacare moves to the floor of the S.C. Senate – where several fiscally liberal Republicans have been working with Democrats to expand Medicaid enrollment under Obamacare.

That’s where the real battle is going to be …

Anyway, we look forward to covering Davis’ hearings next week … getting into the meat and potatoes of what states like South Carolina can do to shield themselves from the impact of this monstrosity.

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