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CSOL-InfiLaw Deal Collapsing



South Carolina’s Commission on Higher Education (CHE) – which it turns out is nothing but a puppet for the S.C. General Assembly – is poised to reject the recently announced sale of the struggling Charleston School of Law (CSOL) to “diploma mill” provider InfiLaw.

Wait … how can government block the sale of one private entity to  another? No matter how bad the deal may be?

That’s a good question …

Nonetheless, the CHE is reportedly prepared to reject InfiLaw’s request for a license to own and operate the institution – part of an effort by state lawmakers to put the school on the taxpayer dole.

We emphatically reject such heavy-handed tactics … and this proposed unnecessary expansion of government.

No website has been more critical and condescending toward InfiLaw than this website – and we fervently believe that the deal struck between the company and CSOL’s founders is not in the best interests of the school (which has had its share of difficulties).

Be that as it may, though … it is not the responsibility of state taxpayers to “absorb” this school.

The Palmetto State already has an obscenely large higher education system – one whose mission continues to creep far beyond the provision of education to South Carolina citizens (or more accurately, non-South Carolinians).

This bloated, inefficient system needs to be shedding schools … not adding them.

We understand CSOL students, faculty, staff and alumni are overwhelmingly opposed to this deal – as they should be. But that’s something they need to take up with the founders of the school. Last time we checked, it was their asset to do with as they please.