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More Five Points Violence



An 18-year-old University of South Carolina student was in critical condition after being hit by a stray bullet in the violence-prone Five Points region of downtown Columbia, S.C.

You know … the place Columbia, S.C. mayor Steve Benjamin assured citizens was safe earlier this year.

Columbia, S.C. police officers have arrested a 20-year-old suspect – Michael Juan Smith – in connection with the shooting.

Smith was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a violent felony, unlawful carrying of a firearm, and possession of a stolen firearm.

“This is a senseless crime,” Columbia’s interim police chief said in a statement. “Here is a young lady who was standing with a large group of people when she gets shot and then collapses in front of her friends. Now she is fighting for her life in the hospital. The shooter has no respect for human life and will face the consequences. Our prayers are with victim and her family.”

Actually what’s senseless is cops in Columbia focusing their energies on arresting underage drinkers as opposed to violent criminals. What’s senseless is the local “thug life” judges letting these criminals run free on the streets after they’ve been arrested. What’s senseless is the thugs who do wind up going to jail being allowed to live it up behind bars (doing drugs, getting tattoos, recording rap music, posting messages to social media, etc).

So yeah … we suppose this was a “senseless” crime.

Senseless in that we keep expecting the morons running the City of Columbia, S.C. to do something about it …

What a crazy world we live in … in which governments do literally millions of things they’re not supposed to do, yet can’t seem to provide the most important of their core functions?