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Two Democratic State Senators in Colorado – including powerful Senate President John Morse – were removed from office in a historic recall election in the Centennial State. The reason for their ouster? Morse and fellow State Senator Angela Giron pushed anti-Second Amendment legislation through the Colorado General Assembly in the wake of a 2012 shooting at a theater in Aurora.

Their recall “is a victory for the people of the state of Colorado, who have been subject to the overreach of a Democrat agenda on guns, taxes and accountability to the people,” local leader Tim Knight told The Denver Post.

Morse and Giron become the first Colorado Senators to be recalled … ever. And with good reason. One of the over-the-top, anti-Second Amendment measures Morse proposed actually sought to impose liability for gun violence on manufacturers and sellers – a patently ridiculous standard of culpability. That measure didn’t pass, but restrictive background checks and an ammunition ban did.

Not only were the Colorado recall elections a resounding victory for gun rights – they proved again that money alone isn’t enough to win an election. Anti-Second Amendment supporters – including uber-liberal New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg – poured more than $3 million into efforts to keep Morse and Giron in office. Pro-Second Amendment forces spent less than $500,000 on their successful bid to oust them.

This website has steadfastly argued on behalf of the right of Americans to keep and bear arms. In fact we have urged civil disobedience of any anti-Second Amendment law which seeks to deprive citizens of these rights.

Additionally, we have sought to expose the hypocrisy of “pro-gun Republicans” including our home state’s governor – Nikki Haley.

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