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Sugar Sense



A new study by a South Carolina economist advocates the elimination of sugar subsidies in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. The proposal – which if enacted would permit market forces (not governments) to drive sugar prices – has been offered as an alternative to the current government policy of subsidization and market manipulation.

Conducted by Dr. Mark Hartley of the College of Charleston – the study concludes that the global sugar industry (and its consumers) would benefit from the elimination of tariffs and restrictions currently imposed by these three nations.

“As proposed, a zero-for-zero sugar policy would lift restrictions and tariffs on trade between all players in the global sugar market and would target market-distorting policies, including direct and indirect subsidies,” Hartley concludes.

The result? “All parties would be paying lower prices with less government oversight.”

Limited government activists approve of the proposal, which would “(get) all countries to disarm and disengage from their protectionist sugar policies,” according to William Deutsch of Americans for Limited Government.

“By leveling the playing field and making the marketplace fair, global free market forces will be allowed to drive the market,” Deutsch explains.

He’s right … which is exactly the way the marketplace was designed to work.

This website has railed on federal sugar subsidies in the past – including a post calling out fiscal conservative U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio for supporting them. There is simply no excuse for government to subsidize private enterprise in any form or fashion. The end result is always inefficiency and higher prices – not to mention tax dollars down the drain.



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