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SC House Spending $2 Million On New Furniture



The S.C. House of Representatives is planning to spend $2 million in the upcoming budget on new furniture for its members’ downtown Columbia, S.C. offices. In fact House members spent last week viewing “furniture options and fabric” for their new desks, chairs, credenzas and sofas, according to a memo obtained exclusively by FITS.

“Some members are not happy about spending (this) money,” one source familiar with the purchase tells us.

We don’t blame them. This sort of thing never looks good, even if there’s a legitimate need.

According to the memo, the furniture currently being used by House members – purchased in 1979 – has seen better days. The memo adds that “credenzas have fallen and continue to create a safety hazard.”

Wait … is that before or after S.C. Rep. Chip Limehouse sat on the credenzas in question?

Look, we’re not going to knee-jerk criticize this proposed expenditure (the legislative branch is a core function of government and having chairs and desks that work would seem an appropriate expenditure in pursuit of that function). But $2 million strikes us as a bit excessive. Also, we find it hard to believe that 34-year-old furniture is falling apart with sufficient frequency so as to create a “safety hazard” – requiring all of this furniture to be replaced.

We would encourage the S.C. House to revisit this expense …


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