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Beth Bernstein For S.C. House




We can go ahead and predict the responses to this endorsement from South Carolina’s “Republican” establishment …

“FITS endorses liberal Democrat over Republican”

“Conservative blog endorses liberal trial lawyer.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah …

The only problem with this line of attack is that Democrat Beth Bernstein – who we are endorsing over incumbent S.C. Rep. Joan Brady (RINO-Richland) – is far less liberal than the “Republican” she’s running against.  Does that mean we expect her to be a taxpayer hero in the event she’s elected?  No.  In fact from a fiscal perspective this House race is a classic example of the “less expensive of two evils” choice that far too many voters in the Palmetto State are facing this election cycle … assuming they have a choice at all.

But no matter how “liberal” Bernstein is accused of being – she simply couldn’t be worse than Brady on our bread-and-butter issues of taxes and spending.  In eight years at the S.C. State House, Brady has yet to meet a tax hike she hasn’t supported – whereas Bernstein has pledged her support for a small business tax cut.  Will she keep her word and sponsor such a proposal?  We hope so … but even if she’s lying about her support of tax relief she’s still no worse than Brady (who has repeatedly voted to raise our taxes).

Meanwhile Bernstein’s campaign has pledged that she is “opposed to new taxes to pay for additional government spending.”

On education, both Bernstein and Brady are guaranteed “no” votes on expanded parental choice – despite the fact that Brady pledged to support choice legislation prior to her election in 2004.

So no difference there … except for the fact that one candidate (Brady) is a hypocrite on the issue.

Where this choice becomes much clearer, though, is on the issue of ethics reform.  Bernstein has endorsed a thoughtful batch of proposals aimed at shutting down the rampant corruption that exists in state government, whereas Brady has played a starring role in the self-serving shadiness.

For starters, she’s one of the “Republican” lawmakers on the so-called House “Ethics” committee who voted to clear S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley on a wide range of major violations despite compelling evidence attesting to the governor’s guilt.  More recently, she’s been the recipient of campaign largesse from disgraced S.C. Speaker Bobby Harrell – despite the fact that she is supposed to be investigating Harrell’s campaign finance scandal.

Maybe that’s what Brady means when she rolls out her ridiculous “a woman’s work is never done” campaign slogan …

Joan Brady is “exhibit A” when it comes to “Republicans in Name Only” in South Carolina.  She’s a corrupt fiscal liberal who supports our state’s increasingly costly status quo – an opportunistic hack who slapped an “R” behind her name because it was politically expedient for her to do so.

In fact when you think about it we’re not really endorsing a Democrat over a Republican in this race … we’re endorsing a Democrat over a fiscal liberal.

Voters in S.C. House District 78 should give Beth Bernstein a chance to make good on her tax and spending pledges.  Lord knows their representation on these issues couldn’t get any worse …


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