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HELL No To The “Penny Tax”




This website has consistently opposed the imposition of a “penny” sales tax hike on the taxpayers of Richland County – a proposal which is rearing its ugly head again on November 6.

Defeated once already, the stated goal of this tax hike is to pay for the Columbia, S.C. area’s money-losing public transportation system. Of course FITS readers will recall that government leaders already did this by adding a new fee onto the power bills of City of Columbia, S.C. residents.

Are they going to give that money back now?  Of course not … they’re going to keep pocketing that cash and hope that Richland County residents will approve a 14 percent sales tax hike that will suck a whopping $1.2 billion out of the local economy over the next 22 years.  In fact the scam has already begun as Richland County Council recently earmarked $50,000 in public funds to go toward an “educational” campaign extolling the virtues of the tax increase.

Shameless …

Anyway, where is this money going actually going to go?  Well as we exclusively reported not long ago, $50 million of the tax hike has been earmarked to projects associated with “Innovista” – the University of South Carolina’s spectacularly failed command economic boondoggle.  You know … because why not pour MORE money into this ongoing disaster?

Here’s a low budget (but high truth) ad that discusses some of the other dubious appropriations planned for the “penny” tax hike …

(Click to play)

Hokey? Yes … but accurate.

This tax hike is nothing but a big government/ special interest shakedown that will rip off poor and middle class taxpayers.  In fact not long ago a liberal writer in liberal California opposed a similar sales tax in Sacramento on these very grounds

“Poor and middle-income families will pay the same rate as Sacramento’s wealthiest citizens, essentially subsidizing the rich for services that we all receive,” the author noted.  “It will drive jobs and businesses out of Sacramento and put our city at a competitive disadvantage with neighboring communities. And who will suffer from a decline in retail sales? Low-wage retail employers, students with restaurant jobs, and seniors who try to supplement their Social Security checks with part-time employment.”

The “penny” tax would also hurt businesses in Richland County – siphoning more money away from them for unnecessary government expenditures and special interest payouts.  Does that sound even remotely like the sort of economic policy local governments should be pursuing right now?

Of course not … particularly not when these morons will be getting the money.

For this fundamental reason, we would urge Richland County voters to reject this $1.2 billion tax hike and keep that money in the local economy where it will do far more good.


Gary Johnson For President
DeeDee Vaughters For S.C. Senate
Katrina Shealy For S.C. Senate