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Joe Thompson For S.C. Senate




York County small businessman Joe Thompson first appeared on our radar screens in 2010 when then-S.C. Senator Mick Mulvaney mounted his bid for the U.S. Congress against 28-year incumbent (and powerful U.S. budget committee chairman) John Spratt.  A tireless grassroots organizer and Tea Party activist, Thompson built his own get-out-the-vote organization on Mulvaney’s behalf – playing an indispensable role in his landslide win over Spratt.

Now Thompson is seeking the S.C. Senate seat held for the last 22 years by Wes Hayes –  a fiscal liberal who has been covering up scandals at the S.C. State House for years in his role as chairman of the Senate “Ethics” committee.

One of several petition candidates who had to fight his way onto the ballot, Thompson is quite possibly the strongest limited government candidate we’ve seen in a South Carolina legislative race … ever.  In fact when we interviewed him several months ago we were impressed not only with his position on the tax and spending issues that matter to us – but also with the way he characterized our state’s corrupt and ineffective taxpayer-funded “incentives” as nothing more than “bribes” to select companies that locate their business here.

We concur with his assessment … heartily. And it’s clear based on the evidence that such giveaways only hurt the economy.

Thompson is a free market conservative who supports hard caps on state spending, the creation of a taxpayer rebate fund and individual income tax relief.  He’s also a strong proponent of universal parental choice.

Hayes?  He has one of the worst fiscal records in the entire S.C. General Assembly – scoring an abysmal 18 out of 100 on a recently-released Palmetto Liberty PAC scorecard.  Not only that Hayes was single-handedly responsible earlier this year for killing parental choices that were targeted exclusively to low income children in failing schools.

He’s pure status quo, in other words …

Adding insult to injury, Hayes is one of the veteran “Republican” lawmakers who voted himself a special pension benefit that isn’t available to other state employees – basically tripling his legislative salary at our expense (even though he hasn’t retired).

There are a lot of races this year in which voters have absolutely no choice … and still more in which they have to choose between the less expensive of two evils.

Voters in York County have a clear choice, however, which is why this website would encourage them to choose Joe Thompson.


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