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More Command Economic Nonsense In South Carolina




What is it with big government boondogglers in South Carolina and their need to produce increasingly ridiculous and embarrassing self-promotional videos?  Did we miss the memo that said the key to creating jobs in this state was giving our elected officials and appointed bureaucrats more money so that they can dance around like a bunch of friggin’ idiots?

Last week this website brought you the Greater Columbia (S.C.) Chamber of Commerce’s ridiculous karaoke version of the song “Call Me Maybe” – which we’re guessing has chilled economic development in the Midlands region of South Carolina for some time to come.

Seriously … if you haven’t watched this nonsense, click here.  You can literally hear doors being slammed in these idiots’ faces.

“It’s ‘ears burning’ embarrassing,” one source said upon watching the clip.  “Like watching a sex scene with your parents in the same room.”

We concur …

Anyway, this week Columbia, S.C. mayor Steve Benjamin – one of the “stars” of the “Call Me Maybe” clip – has joined forces with University of South Carolina president Harris Pastides to create yet another ridiculous self-promotional video.

Benjamin and Pastides appear together in a new clip promoting EngenuitySC – a “public private partnership” that’s supported with tax dollars from both the city and the university.  In the video, Benjamin and Pastides pretend to be gangsta rappers – flashing signs and nodding to the beat of hip hop music as they cruise around downtown Columbia, S.C. in expensive cars.

Appearing alongside them in the video?  Larry Wilson – one of the state’s most notorious command economic scammers and an integral player in this ripoff of South Carolina small businesses.

Here’s the clip …

(Click to play)

Yeah …

The video was posted earlier this week, but as of this writing it had received only 57 views.  We’re sure this story will “up” those stats considerably … although probably not in the way the video’s producers were hoping.

So … what exactly does EngenuitySC do?  That’s a good question …

“It’s one of those conglomerate synergistic joint public private economic engine drivers of some sort,” one source tells us.

And yes, it’s affiliated with “Innovista,” the mother of all command economic boondoggles in the Palmetto State (and the brainchild of Pastides and S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell).

Officially, EngenuitySC describes itself as “a public/private partnership formed to develop and grow the South Carolina Midlands’ knowledge-based economy,” a goal it ostensibly achieves via “collaboration with business, government, and higher education.”

Whatever …

This organization is yet another taxpayer-funded vehicle for South Carolina’s command economists to promote their rape and pillage of the private sector –   laughing at all of us poor saps who are picking up the tab.

UPDATE: Looks like EngenuitySC has removed this video from its public YouTube channel.  Ha! 

UPDATE II:  A spokesman for EngenuitySC did not immediately provide an explanation regarding the removal of the video.


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