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2016: Cost Per Vote




One of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton‘s recurring campaign promises was that she would “work to curb the outsized influence of big money in American politics, shine a light on secret spending, and fight to make our democracy work for everyone – not just the wealthy and well-connected.”

Wait … wasn’t Clinton the definition of a bought-and-paid-for politician?  Yes.  She was.

And didn’t the “outsized influence” of big money basically steal the Democratic presidential nomination away from Bernie Sanders? Yes, it did.

(Thank you, #DNC).

Anyway, Americans decided to “curb the outsized influence” of money in politics all on their own – without Hillary’s help.

According to data from Reuters, Clinton’s campaign spent $520 million during the 2016 election compared to $270 million for Trump.  Based on the current popular vote count, that equates to $8.80 per Clinton vote and $4.57 per Trump vote.

And that’s before we start counting the massive political action committee (PAC) spending.

Also worth noting?  Trump’s fundraising haul was dominated by small-dollar donations.  In fact his campaign took in more than $100 million in small-dollar donations in the month of October alone.

Amazing …

In our recap of Trump’s shocking win, we noted that he defied political correctness, the media, his own party and the polls.  Apparently he defied the money, too.

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